I offer a range of publishing services aimed at taking your ideas from initial draft to final form. These services fall into two broad categories.

Editorial. I can give your work an editing eye, a proofreading eye or both. I’ll first confer with you on style preferences, then apply that style to the entire piece.

Multiple authors on your project, as in a report?  No problem—I’ve edited many pieces that combine the work of a dozen writers (click here for an example) and conformed them to a single style and voice.

Design and production. I can create just about anything for you, from a business card to a 700-page memoir with a century of family photos (yes, I’ve done that). Chances are very good that no matter what the project, I’ve worked in that format already. I’ll provide you with print-ready files you can take to the printing house of your choice.

Graphs? No problem.

E-books? Yes, if the project involves both print and ebook formats (I do not do stand-alone ebooks).

Help with setting up your own print-on-demand accounts? Yes.

How much will your project cost? I need to see it before I can answer that question.

To do an estimate on your project, I’ll request that you send me:

  • a twenty-page sample representative of the project (if your piece is entirely text, send me twenty pages of text—if it has images or graphs, send me twenty pages of text plus five representative images or graphs)
  • the total word count
  • the total number of images and graphs

Once I have these, I’ll provide you with an estimate on both cost and turnaround time.

I base my editorial estimates on $35/hour and my design/production estimates on $45/hour.

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